'We regularly use the services provided by Capstone Facilities for all of our building, general maintenance and compliance at our site. They have always provided me with an excellent service and the staff who attend are always professional and polite. We are a large site and therefore the maintenance can cover all types of work ranging from minor repairs to large scale projects. I have always found them to be supportive and reliable. In addition, they will provide us with an accurate and fair quotation for the work needed which helps budget and controls spend which everyone is mindful of.

I have also used Capstone for our annual compliance and inspection work to ensure that our site meets the standards required and ensures we are fully compliant with all of our Health & Safety and legal requirements. I would highly recommend them for all work.'


“Capstone is a phenomenal facilities services supplier.

Four reasons we won’t be going anywhere else.

1. Programming - the whole year is booked and scheduled accordingly with regards to Emergency Lighting Test, Water Treatment Sampling visits (and Temperature Monitoring) and Portable Appliance Testing
2. Technical knowledge – Capstone Engineers are super knowledgeable and their understandings is always conveyed in a straightforward excellent service - all types (weather is for the Office statutory obligations or additional useful services such as plumbing & general electrical maintenance repairs and installations)
3. Accountability - We have used Capstone for over 5 years and we are extremely pleased with them
4. Friendly, adaptable and willing to help – We really appreciate their advice and trust them with their fast response times for call outs.

Couldn’t recommend more highly.” 


''For the period of time I worked with Capstone I was thoroughly impressed with their responsiveness, proactiveness and “can do” attitude. This is represented by their core ethos of providing solutions and not problems.'' 


“Great to have Capstone as our main point of contact for facilities, always able to provide an efficient and helpful approach to any problems we have, making sure there is always a solution to any issue we may have.”

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